Interactive Online Platform

Interactive Online Platform


Our interactive online platform will help you to find assignments that match your profile.

We provide:
  • A network with more than 5000 active freelance IT professionals
  • A platform optimized for all of your devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Full confidentiality and privacy
  • Full control - you decide about your visibility and what information you share with which clients
  • Perfect matching - our matching engine will do the job!
  • No more SPAM - you only get relevant positions
  • Tools - manage time sheets, keep track of your projects and progress, complete your billing process, train online and show off your skills
  • A one stop shop for your career development
  • Profile import possibilities from different social network platforms such as Linkedin
  • Transparency on pricing - we take a markup of 12.5% on top of your fee
  • Many international clients
  • Services and advice on how to set up your freelance business

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 Driving seat

Endless phone calls with ‘unique opportunities’ result in wasted time talking to recruiters that present you with career opportunities that don’t match your skills of professional preferences.

Sound familiar?

On TOPJOB Network, you’re in full control of your online visibility and privacy:


  • You decide for which client you want to work by selecting your preferred companies on your profile
  • On your profile, you are able to highlight your skills, previous experience & projects, but you decide the amount of information you show (full view – blind view – base view)
  • We provide the match only if your skills match a job description and if you’ve allowed us to contact you for this specific client
  • Once confirmed, you will be added to a target list for the client to see
  • The client contacts you directly for the job through TOPJOB Network
  • You can focus on getting the job done!

So let's go, get in the driving seat and start boosting your career with Topjob.Network!

Working from 9 to 5 at your desk, those days are gone…

The research clearly reflects that the way we work is changing. The traditional job market is transforming into a freelance marketplace. The hidden truth can be found by looking at the explosive growth in the freelance economy since the Great Recession. Some interesting statistics often left behind the curtain:

The EU’s freelancer workforce has grown consistently for the past decade; across the years and across the different member states. From 2004 to 2013 , the EU27 freelancer population grew from fewer than 6.2 million professionals to nearly 9 million, a 45% increase. In each of the nine countries selected for this study, there has been growth over that period, ranging from 12% in Italy to a near doubling in the Netherlands (93%) and France (85%). In each of the nine countries, the freelancer population has expanded as a percentage of the numbers employed (from 3% to 4% across the EU27) and as a percentage of those employed in professional sectors (from 9% to 11% across the EU27). The figure on the right provides growth data for our nine states.

(The Rise of Europe’s Independent Professionals (iPros) Patricia Leighton Professor of European Social Law at the IPAG Business School, France. with Duncan Brown)
The percentage of growth in freelancers in the nine EU states being researched between 2004-2013, Eurostat LFS
In each sector, iPros are an expanding segment, their numbers growing faster than the total number employed.

In sectors such as ICT and professional and scientific services, the growth in iPros accounts for more than half of the increase in employment. This is shown in the figure on the left.

Recently there are several associations working on promoting the value of self employment to the EU policy makers to ensure that independent work is better recognized all over Europe. The increasing demand for skilled professionals in the EU affairs sector together with the shortage of highly qualified personnel led to the exponential emergence of a large number of independent workers and end user clients. Nearly one out of four Europeans is working independently and this is set to increase in the next years. Freelancers are the economic backbone of an expanding flexible workforce satisfying both EU regulators and private industry labour requirements. This will stimulate the EU Freelance Economy, energise the market, leading to a new age of work, where individuals, industry and regulators cherish a flexible labour model.

(The Rise of Europe’s Independent Professionals (iPros) Patricia Leighton Professor of European Social Law at the IPAG Business School, France. with Duncan Brown)

Freelancing will become more favorable as a career option (30% of Belgians who were interviewed prefer self-employment)

Main advantages of being a freelancer

  • Independence
  • Flexibility
  • You are your own boss
  • Income prospects
  • More tax deductions
  • Business opportunities
  • You can have careers in retirement
  • You can have contracts from those firms who couldn’t afford to employ you


About us

TOPJOB Network is an innovative initiative by Hightech Partners – ITP

Hightech Partners – ITP is an international executive search company specialized in the recruitment of senior management in the technology industry. Leveraging 30+ years of experience, we aim to revolutionize the European freelance ICT market starting from Belgium with this new unique online talent platform.

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