How it Works

Interactive Platform An interactive online platform to get the high-tech job you want
Full confidentiality, privacy and control – you decide about your visibility and what information you share with which clients
Driving Seat You are in the driving seat – you pick the projects and clients you like, focus on the job and we take care of the rest
We provide either mailing with relevant jobs, or notifications on your profile – you decide
No Spam No more spam – you will only be contacted for jobs that match with your professional wishes
Match You provide your aspirations / professional wishes – We provide a match
No Spam Guarantee to get in touch with client – Once your competences have been checked, you are added to the job target list, ensuring full visibility with the client
No Spam We provide a one stop shop for your career development
Tools We provide tools to
-  Manage timesheets
-  Keep track of your projects and progress
-  Complete your billing process
-  Train online and show off your skills
Service We provide services and advice on setting up your freelance business
Community Become part of a growing online community focused on technology / ICT
Share Network and share experience and knowledge with fellow freelancers in the technology industry
Price Transaprency Transparency on pricing – we take a markup of 12.5% on top of your fee
Price Transaprency International clients – expand your horizon