• Interactive Online Platform

Interactive Online Platform

Interactive Online Platform


Our interactive online platform will help you to find assignments that match your profile.

We provide:
  • A network with more than 5000 active freelance IT professionals
  • A platform optimized for all of your devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Full confidentiality and privacy
  • Full control - you decide about your visibility and what information you share with which clients
  • Perfect matching - our matching engine will do the job!
  • No more SPAM - you only get relevant positions
  • Tools - manage time sheets, keep track of your projects and progress, complete your billing process, train online and show off your skills
  • A one stop shop for your career development
  • Profile import possibilities from different social network platforms such as Linkedin
  • Transparency on pricing - we take a markup of 12.5% on top of your fee
  • Many international clients
  • Services and advice on how to set up your freelance business

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