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Profile: 2 Senior Consultants Java Developers
Maximum profile level: > 5 years of experience in profile
Location: The Hague – Europol
Deadline: 09/09/2016

Background information

In accordance with Article I-7 (Implementation of the Contract) of Framework Contract D/C1/1430 for the provision of ICT Consultancy Services (LOT 2), Europol seeks consultancy services in the area of Software development. Europol is developing several business critical applications using a service-oriented architecture based on a COTS product implemented in Java, running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Oracle database. The activities will be mostly on the technical integration of existing Europol Systems with this new platform using JMS, Web Services and File system. For this purpose Europol requires external consultancy services on a temporary basis to be performed by 2 consultants. In case the first contractor in cascade fails to offer enough acceptable consultants, Europol reserves the right to contract the remaining number of consultants from the second (third or fourth) contractor in the cascade.

Timeframe (Duration)

The execution of services shall:
- ideally start asap,
- but not later than (indicative date) 10 October 2016,
- be finalised at the latest on 31/03/2017,
- on the basis of a maximum of 120 Working Days for each consultant[1],
- on a full time basis (40 hours a week during 5 working days)

Optional extension(s) of service performance:

Europol may decide to extend the service performance one or several times up to a maximum of additional 220 working days for each consultant to be performed at the latest by 12/03/2018. The extension shall be decided at Europol’s discretion taking into consideration (i) the organisation’s needs and (ii) the quality of the services performed to date; and provided (iii) the Framework Contract has been extended (if applicable) and (iv) Europol has budget available for this purpose.


As a general rule, Europol does not allow overtime work. Should overtime exceptionally happen after Europol’s prior written approval, it must be duly recorded in the timesheets and Europol will pay the same rate as for the regular working hours/daily rates.

Tasks to be performed

The consultant will perform the following tasks/services in relation to the solution:
  • Taking the lead in the analysis, design and actual development (programming) of the solution, including prototyping, based on the existing solution requirements specifications and high level technical architecture;
  • Identify different options for implementing functionality and propose most suitable option;
  • Translate the non-functional requirements (e.g. performance, reliability) into technical designs for meeting these requirements;
  • Write unit tests and/or integration tests for software components;
  • Create deployment packages (RPM) and scripts to deploy the software on Linux platform;
  • Fix identified and assigned defects in close collaboration with the QA team;
  • Perform troubleshooting on issues reported by system administrators;
  • Contributing to the improvement of the development and build process.
Certificate of good conduct

Consultants must be in possession of a valid certificate of good conduct. The presentation of the certificate of good conduct is not mandatory at the submission of the
offer. The presentation of the original of the certificate of good conduct will be required prior to commencing the work and be provided for Europol’s verification as soon as possible and in any case within maximum 2 (two) weeks from the signature date of the resulting Specific Contract.

The certificate of good conduct must not be older than 3 months on the date of submission to Europol. Older certificates will be rejected.

Requirement Justification

Mandatory Requirements:
  • Certification: 3 years of formal higher education at least equivalent to a level of bachelor degree
  • Language level: Working knowledge of English: B2
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in software development
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience in Java and JEE (JMS, XML, Webservices, JDBC)
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience using Spring Framework
  • A minimum of 1 year of experience using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or equivalent as Fedora or CentOs)
Desirable Requirements: 
  • A minimum of 1 year of experience using Apache CAMEL or FUSE ESB frameworks
  • Knowledge of Teamcity or other Continuous Integration tools
  • Knowledge of Puppet or other Continuous Delivery and Configuration Management tools
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of Red Hat JBoss
  • BRMS or other Java BRMS implementations


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