EUROPOL - Solution Architect M1820

Profile: Solution Architect
Maximum profile level: Seniority level: Expert Consultant > 7 years of experience
Security Clearance: Yes
Location: The Hague - Europol
Deadline: 17 October 2018

Background information

Europol seeks one consultant in the area of solution architecture for data centre design. The consultancy services are needed on a temporary basis mainly to contribute to the production of a data centre design, including power density and cooling calculations, cooling technologies, and integration with security architectures. As part of the design phase, a key aspect will be the design and documentation of the integration in to the existing Europol ICT environment.

Timeframe (duration) and scope (number of days)
  • ideally start on (indicative date) 05/11/2018,
  • but not later than 31/11/2018 (indicative date),
  • be finalised at the latest on 31/03/2019, (indicative date)
  • on the basis of a maximum of 60 Working Days,
  • on a full time basis of 40 hours per week during 5 working days. Possible to change later only on agreement on both parties.
Optional extension(s) of service performance:
Europol may decide to extend the service performance one or several times up to a maximum of additional 290 working days to be performed at the latest by 10/07/2020 . The extension shall be decided at Europol’s discretion taking into consideration (i) the organisation’s needs and (ii) the quality of the services performed to date; and provided (iii) the Framework Contract has been extended (if applicable) and (iv) Europol has budget available for this purpose.

Place of service performance

The consultant is expected to perform the tasks/services on-site at Europol Premises and will be requested to travel for missions to remote sites located in north of Italy and/or in other European countries c/o partner/supplier offices. Mission expenses, such as travel accommodation and subsistence will be reimbursed in accordance with the Contract. Off-site work is only possible if prior consent from Europol is obtained for services to be performed remotely. Security aspects will be considered in assigning the (marginal) tasks for off-site work. Request for services to be performed remotely must be submitted together with the estimated time needed for their performance off-site.

Timesheets evidencing off-site work must contain, in addition to the recorded hours, an explanation of the tasks completed in enough detail for Europol to be able to verify the tasks performed and the consultant’s dedication to off-site work.

Tasks to be performed

The consultant will perform the following tasks/services:
  • Work with staff in Europol ICT’s Architecture and Engineering team to devise a detailed design for a high density computing (HDC) platform for Europol, based on a number of inputs, for example a risk assessment from G5 Security, power and heat calculations from a test phase, or best practice design considerations.
  • Produce and/or review detailed design statement and bill of materials of all non-functional services, such as monitoring, network, software distribution, etc.
  • Review and support all the collateral documentation provided by suppliers and/or third party involved in the design of the solution;
  • It is envisaged that the solution architect will concentrate solely on the design phase, bringing expertise and critical focus to the production of the deliverables.
  • The key outputs of the design phase will be one or more detailed design documents containing a series of bills of material that will form the basis of the procurement and implementation phases.
  • Interact with Project Management, Requirements, ICT and Information Security, and – if required – in meetings with stakeholders;
Language level
Working knowledge of English required as all services will be performed in English (min. level B2 ).

Security Clearance
Security clearances must be obtained and presented for Europol’s verification prior to carrying out services for Europol.


Mandatory requirements:
  • Working knowledge of English: B2 or higher – excellent written English required for documentation creation
  • A minimum of 7 years’ experience in Design, Deployment, and Operation of IT Systems in Data Centres (with focus on Tier 3 and 4 )
  • Demonstrable record of minimum 2 projects within last 5 years of having turned Requirements into a Solution Blueprint and Detailed Design in the context of data centre and high performance computing (HPS) solutions
  • Demonstrable record of minimum 5 years of working in the field of data centre solutions with focus on integration aspects (e.g. multiple datacentre network integration, monitoring system integration, etc.)
  • Experience of minimum 2 years in conducting market analysis and product selection activities
  • Knowledge of data centre concepts, including liquid immersion cooling technologies and systems
  • Knowledge of enterprise scale IT Architecture
Desirable requirements: 
  • Knowledge of Windows 2012 (or later) and/or RedHat Linux v7 and related IT operational support requirements
  • Knowledge of high density computing (e.g. HPC workload management design, best practice HPC network topologies, etc. )


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