EUROPOL - Docker Security Architect M1824

Profile: Docker Security Architect
Maximum profile level: Seniority level: Expert Consultant > 7 years of experience
Security Clearance: Not Required
Location: The Hague - Europol
Deadline: 22 October 2018

Background information

Europol seeks consultancy services in the area of ICT Solution Architecture. The consultancy services are needed on a temporary basis mainly for the finalization and improvements of the Docker-based container platform in use at
Europol, with specific regard to the security architecture, design and controls implemented and the supporting toolsets used.

Timeframe (duration) and scope (number of days)

- ideally start on (indicative date ) 20 November2018,
- but not later than 03 December 2018,
- be finalised at the latest on 31 March 2019,
- on the basis of a maximum of 60 of Working Days ,
- on a full time basis (40 hours a week during 5 working days)

Optional extension(s) of service performance:

Europol may decide to extend the service performance one or several times up to a maximum of additional 320 working days to be performed at the latest by 10/07/2020. The extension shall be decided at Europol’s discretion
taking into consideration (i) the organisation’s needs and (ii) the quality of the services performed to date; and provided (iii) the Framework Contract remains in force and (iv) Europol has budget available for this purpose.

Tasks to be performed

The consultant will perform the following tasks/services:
  • Review and identify improvements, technical or processes, to the devised Docker platform usage at Europol, with regard to security controls;
  • Draft security architecture and engineering guidelines for the deployment and operations of the Docker-based platform at Europol, together with Europol’s ICT Security Engineering team;
  • Identify and propose suitable toolsets to complement the existing capabilities, using own expertise as well as market research, with regard to implementing or improving security and compliance controls as needed;
  • Identify, document and propose suitable processes and procedures required to complement or improve existing ones with regard to securely developing and operating the Docker-based platform;
  • Support Europol’s Solution Architecture team in creating or amending the documentation related to the Docker-based platform;
  • Handover knowledge to Europol’s teams as needed.
The offer must include information on the timeframe for obtaining a certificate of good conduct; this timeframe must comply with the starting date of the services. If a certificate of good conduct is available, a copy shall be presented with the offer . This will result in a higher score at the evaluation of the availability of the consultant.


Mandatory requirements:
  • 7 years’ experience in security design and implementation for custom-built applications
  • 2 years’ experience in design and implementation of container-based solutions, specifically Docker Enterprise
  • 2 years’ experience in design and implementation of Docker for Enterprise and Docker Swarm in mixed Linux/Windows workloads
  • 2 years’ experience in the creating security architecture and engineering design material for Docker Enterprise/Docker Swarm deployments
  • Working knowledge of English: B2 or higher
  • Professional knowledge of Docker-based platforms, in terms of deployment methods, secure configuration and usage 
Desirable requirements:
  • Knowledge in design and implementation of Kubernetes in mixed Linux/Windows workloads
  • Professional knowledge of Kubernetes-based platforms, in terms of deployment methods, secure configuration and usage


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