EUROPEAN COMMISSION - Technical Expert 000569

Profile: Technical Expert
Maximum profile level: 5
Specific expertise: Java, Selenium, devops, CI/CD, security
Maximum Number of Days: 1000
Minimum a total of 13 years of experience
Location: Brussels
Deadline: 09 .10. 2018

The contractor will be responsible for some cross cutting concerns on all information systems of the team. That includes quality control (automating testing and quality checks), devops (automating builds and deployments), and to a lesser extent some support in IS technical security. S/he will support the different project teams in those aspects and act as a force multiplier, increasing the speed and quality of development and of its delivery.

The contractor will execute the following tasks:

• Support in definition of automatic testing strategies for information systems.
• Development and maintenance of shared code libraries to support automatic functional testing.
• Advise on quality improvement.
• Definition, implementation and management of quality tests, both manual and automatic.
• Support in definition of local development infrastructure strategy.
• Linux-based/windows-based server configuration for the local development infrastructure.
• Support in definition of continuous delivery pipeline strategy.
• Configuration and maintenance of automatic development pipelines for building, deployment and testing.
• Security assessment of information systems
• Support the IS team in security implications and implementation measures on the development lifecycle


The information systems team is led by a team leader and counts about 12 people with different profiles ranging from project manager, analyst, application architect designer, interface designer, tester and information system support. The team manages several development and maintenance projects to maintain and further extend the existing information system portfolio to meet the requirements of our user community. Most of the systems are web based and make use of Java, HTML, javascript and SQL. The team makes use of Agile RUP@EC and SCRUM to steer the development process. We favour short delivery cycles and a high user involvement. JIRA is used for issue tracking, planning and progress reporting. The Confluence wiki is used to store project documentation. The consultant will work closely together with project managers, other team members and users. English is the main working language.


The contractor must have:

• Good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming languages
• Good knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems
• Good knowledge of business process analysis
• Good knowledge of testing technology and tools
• Good knowledge of software deployment management
• Good knowledge of software release management
• Knowledge of software development methodologies (e.g., Agile, SCRUM)
• Knowledge of application servers
• Knowledge of information system security, web application vulnerabilities and mitigation measures.
• Good redaction skills.
• Ability to give technical presentations.
• Ability to apply high quality standards
• Ability to cope with fast changing technologies used in application architecture, design and implementation
• Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings, good communication skills.
• Capability of integration in an international/multi-cultural environment, rapid self-starting capability and experience in team working.

In addition to the above knowledge and skills the contractor

• must have an in-depth knowledge and proven experience with Java, Selenium, Jenkins or bamboo.
• must have good knowledge in Linux and Windows scripts, Groovy, Docker (using and creating own images), Sonarqube.
• must have decent knowledge in Spring Framework, JPA, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), Oracle SQL, UML, JIRA, Confluence, Burp Suite.
• should have good analytical skills, be fluent in English and French, and have good drafting skills.


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